I have written articles and created branded content for Barber Surgeon's Guild, Instasleep, and have had guest postings on a few blogs. 

Comedic writing has been featured in GeeMail Zine and been produced as sketches and shorts. 

Please contact for writing samples. 


While I'm a de facto producer for much of my own work, I'm not gonna brag about that right now. I AM however going to tell you about this rockin' pilot I produced this past summer and how beyond excited I am to get this baby picked up!

Pool is a romantic dramedy with all original music, cutting edge vfx, a super cool animated title sequence, and an incredible team of artists in front of and behind the camera that I was honored to put together and work with. 

You wanna buy an awesome New York based TV series for your network!? Contact me for Ben Majest's and my pitch packet and series bible. 

You not in the mood to spend that kinda money but still wanna be entertained for 34 minutes? Contact me for an NDA and I'll send you a viewing link. 



Previous projects include Michelle Cassis's Queens of Flesh and Bone, as well as the Chinese episodic, "Simple Happiness" as well as casting dancers and music video talent for 8112 Studios. 


Previous music videos include Cedric Gervais, Christina Skaar, and Sandro Silva. 

Previous musicals include "Everybody's Legs" and "WASPS" by Dianne Nora as well as "Biblical Girl" by Lois Cescarni. 

Ballet commissions include Columbia Ballet Collaborative, The Lower Division School at The Washington Ballet, Seber Training Method and pieces have been shown at PMT Choreographic Showcases as well performed by DC Contemporary Dance Theater at the Latin American Dance Festival. 

Intimacy Coordination

Join the best practices of a new era.

Impeccable practices in casting, rehearsals, on set, and through post production create the possibility for making brave, sexy, visceral, and poignant art. 

Nancy Cantine is an apprentice with Intimacy Directors International, under Alicia Rodis and briefly assisted Alicia Rodis at the Eugene O'Neil Center. She has also worked on intimacy coordinator teams for Amazon-produced content. Please contact for references and work samples. 

For more information about the movement, check out teamidi.org ! 

A still from "Dancing Girl" presented at She NYC Arts Theater Festival, performed in English and ASL

A still from "Dancing Girl" presented at She NYC Arts Theater Festival, performed in English and ASL