I believe the most important part of art is the dialogue between the finished product and the viewer.

I believe there is nothing more dangerous than self indulgent art. 

Summer 2019

"Dancing Girl" at She NYC Theater Arts Festival


I was honored to intimacy direct for this piece, performed simultaneously in ASL and English. This show tells the Hunchback of Notre Damn from Esmereda's perspective. Winner of best ensemble and best set design at She NYC Theater Arts Festival.  

"Pool" now available on Amazon!


Get your modern dramadey on! And stay tuned, shooting for episode 2 is on the way! 

SAG Stunt Performer


In Spring of this year, I acquired my union status and can't wait for the Halloween release of the shoot so I can share the gag  with you! Super stoked to keep advocating for great working conditions for artists. 

January, 2019 update

Summer of 2018 involved a lot of running around behind the scenes, producing "Pool" a thirty minute episodic pilot for Ben Majest and spearheading Majest Productions as well as traveling to London and training with the British Academy of Stage ans Screen Combat in both their advanced courses as well a fighting for film workshop with Richard Ryan. 

I also had a beautiful opportunity to assist Alicia Rodis as she lead violence and intimacy classes at the Eugene O'Neil Center. 

I am continuing to train with Breakfall Studios and continue to pursue my one true love of hitting the ground. 

Not to be trite, but I'm sitting on the cusp of 2019 with Grande schemes and a major "thank you, next" for the next projects coming down the pike. If you want a closer look at my life, check out my instagram: @nccantine for way to many selfies with my cat, Jean-Luc. 


Holiday Special!

Breakfall Studio's 2018 holiday spectacular, conceived and executed in 4 hours. 


"Hanna" Releases online!

"On set I let our lead actress - Nancy Cantine - perform the full scene in a one-take-master-shot in each location. Most of the scenes were shot on a 50mm prime lens. Her outstanding performance gave me tremendous footage, I was able to find that “youth” of Hanna in the editing process." 

                                                  -Director Hai-Tao Wu, We Are Moving Stories Interview