I believe the most important part of art is the dialogue between the finished product and the viewer.

I believe there is nothing more dangerous than self indulgent art. 



Pool won Best Producers and Best Comedy at Hollywood Moving Image Film Festival as well as securing 12 festival acceptances total. 

"Dancing Girl" at She NYC Theater Arts Festival


I was honored to intimacy direct for this piece, performed simultaneously in ASL and English. This show tells the Hunchback of Notre Damn from Esmereda's perspective. Winner of best ensemble and best set design at She NYC Theater Arts Festival.  


Publicity still from "Trick"

Trick had a theatrical release Halloween of 2019 and is available for viewing now! 


Don't Write Me Off

Congratulations to filmmaker Quiquing Chi, and my costar, Riker Lynch. 

I'm happy to see this piece getting accepted into multiple festivals including HIMPFF, Big Apple Women's Film Festival, Top Shorts, and Los Angeles Film Awards. 

Holiday Special!

Breakfall Studio's 2018 holiday spectacular, conceived and executed in 4 hours. 



"On set I let our lead actress - Nancy Cantine - perform the full scene in a one-take-master-shot in each location. Most of the scenes were shot on a 50mm prime lens. Her outstanding performance gave me tremendous footage, I was able to find that “youth” of Hanna in the editing process." 

    -Director Hai-Tao Wu, We Are Moving Stories Interview